These are degree programmes, with individual CAO entry codes, which focus on particular areas of study. They are of 3 or 4 years’ duration and provide students with the opportunity of studying abroad and/or gaining work placement experience.

There is an international option, where you can spend a year studying abroad, on the Bachelor of Arts GY103 (Public and Social Policy)Bachelor of Arts GY104 (Psychology) and Bachelor of Arts GY105 (History).

Denominated BA Programmes

  • GY103    Bachelor of Arts (Public and Social Policy)
  • GY104    Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  • GY105    Bachelor of Arts (History)
  • GY107    BA (Gaeilge agus Léann an Aistriúcháin)
  • GY109    Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics and Education)
  • GY118    Bachelor of Arts (Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
  • GY120    Bachelor of Arts (Child, Youth and Family: Policy and Practice)
  • GY121    Bachelor of Arts (Children's Studies)
  • GY122    BA Cumarsáid agus Gaeilge
  • GY123    BSc (Applied Social Sciences)

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