Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Education

BA Maths and Ed student teacher in microteaching session

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Course Overview

The BA in Mathematics and Education is a four-year, full-time undergraduate degree which offers two valuable qualifications: an honours degree in mathematics and a second-level teaching qualification. Graduates of the programme are high quality mathematicians, and are recognised by the Teaching Council of Ireland as qualified post primary teachers of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics to honours Leaving Certificate level.

Throughout the four years of the programme you will study a variety of education modules inclusive of psychology, sociology, philosophy and history. You will gain practical methods in the teaching and learning of mathematics and preparation for the classroom and school environment. You will also complete a variety of placements in primary and secondary schools in order to develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher of mathematics. At the same time, you will study both mathematics and applied mathematics to honours degree level, giving you the option to pursue a career in mathematics outside of education, should you wish to do so.

The programme is jointly run by the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics and the School of Education of NUI Galway. Established in 2008, it was the first programme of its kind in Ireland, created in response to the growing need for excellent mathematics teachers in post-primary schools as well as a general need for high quality graduates in mathematics.

Further Information

College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies, NUI Galway

T: +353 (0)91 493 954
E: College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies or the Joint Programme Directors
Dr Tony Hall, School of Education Email
Dr Aisling McCluskey, School of Mathematics, Statistics & Applied Mathematics Email