RSS Events

Table 1: Research Seminar Series (RSS) Events 2012-2016



Presentations from:

Jan.  ‘12

Promoting Innovation in Mathematics and Science Education

Guest: Dr. Gail Burrill, Michigan State University. Staff: CP

May  ‘12

'Leading Learning': Educative School - University Partnerships

Guest: Professor Lori Beckett, Leeds Metropolitan University

Sept. ‘12

Confronting Schools and Social Inequality: Policy, Practices and Pedagogies with

Guest: Professor Bob Lingard, University Of Queensland

Mar. ‘13

Making The Invisible Visible: Disciplinary Literacy in the Secondary School

Guest: Professor Elizabeth Birr Moje, University of Michigan. Staff: BMM

Dec. ‘13

The Impact of Perceptions of Risk on Teacher Engagement in Pedagogical Change

Guest: Dr. Deidre Le Fevre, University of Auckland

June ‘13

Integrating Engineering Design into Education: the SLED partnership

Guests: Dr. Jim Lehman & Dr. Brenda Capobianco, Purdue University, Indiana. Staff: VMC

Oct. ‘14

Diversity in Initial Teacher Education and Teaching

Guest: Professor Ninetta Santoro, Strathclyde University. Staff: EK, MH, CF (DITE Post-doctoral Researcher)

Oct.  ‘15

Widening Participation in Higher Education. Launch of EK’s Report on Access Students’ University & Employment Experiences

Guest: Professor Liz Thomas (Edgehill University). Staff: EK.

Dec. ‘15

Second Language Immersion programmes

Guest: Emeritus Professor Jim Cummins, University of Toronto, Canada

Dec. ‘16

The Integrated Curriculum: Teaching for Transfer in Bilingual Learning

Guest: Emeritus Professor Jim Cummins, University of Toronto, Canada

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