Science, Technology and Mathematics in Education (STEM) Overview

This research team within the School of Education, NUI Galway direct a principled, sustained programme of research in Science Technology and Mathematics in Education (STEM)

The research addresses identified, priority educational policy and practice domains and issues, including innovative science and mathematics teaching methodologies, science outreach and public engagement in science; content and language integrated learning (CLIL); Irish language education; digital literacy; teacher education, including CPD and upskilling; reflective practice; and innovative assessment. 

A range of ICTs are deployed in the School of Education’s TEL research, including: digital storytelling; immersive, augmented and virtual reality; mobile and blended learning; and coding and constructionist technology.

The research has impacted policy makers, practitioners, teachers (pre- and in-service), and young people both in Ireland and internationally.

Further information on the research projects in this cluster can be found here