Current PhD and MLitt research



Frank 'Jay' Hall V (Galway Doctoral Scholar)

The fortified houses and stronghouses of Connacht c. 1580 - 1650: gentry houses or the continuation of the castle tradition into post-medieval Ireland.

Daniel Curley (Irish Research Council scholar)

A study of the Uí Chellaig lordship of Uí Maine, c. 1100-1600

Marcus Byrne (Hardiman scholar)

Boundaries and central places in the Irish Bronze Age: settlement, ritual and identity.

Daisy Spencer (Irish Research Council scholar) undertaking research in collaboration with the Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit

People, land use and time - Linking multi-proxy palaeoenvironmental evidence to the Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeological record of the Burren and central Clare, western Ireland.

Brendan P. Kelly

Early medieval Brooch-pins in Ireland and Britain.

Peter Casby (Irish Research Council Scholar)

Living trees in created environments of Gaelic Ireland c. 700-1600AD.

Brian Shanahan

The archaeology of Landscape, culture and community in Ireland: case studies in theory and method from County Roscommon .

Lynda McCormack (Galway Research Fellow)

The articulation of space and ritual in the Irish passage tomb tradition.

Sam Moore

The Carrowkeel/Keshcorran Passage Tomb Complex, Co. Sligo: place, time and meaning.