Virtual Walking Tour

Staff and students in the Discipline of Geography examine diverse processes related to interactions between human society and the physical environment. 

Terrestrial laser scanner mapping the slip face of a large barchan dune, Jericoacoara, Brazil

Rock Platform, Doolin, Co. Clare

Long term monitoring of beach-dune systems: Response and Recovery, The Maharees, Castlegregory, Co. Kerry

Field-based paleocenaographic research on the RV Celtic Explorer and RV Pelagia, North Atlantic Ocean

Reconstructing paleoenvironments, Lough Meenachrinna, Co. Donegal 

Participatory Research of Civil Society Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Mostar, BiH

Participative Critical Enquiry in Graduate Field-Based Learning in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) UNDP, Sarajevo, BiH

Urban waterways, Galway, Ireland

Urban technologies, Paris, France

Rural studies forest fieldtrip

Limavady, Co Derry bogland with wind turbine