The Environmental Change Research Cluster brings together researchers who are interested in improving our understanding of environmental systems. A consistent theme that runs through much of the work is the way in which spatial and temporal variability is influenced by issues relating to climate change and human activities at various scales. A driving motivation of our research cluster is the conviction that informed decision making must be based upon scientific data as we try to predict how these natural systems will respond to short- and long-term changes.

A range of geographical perspectives and expertise are employed by our research cluster, including palaeoclimatology, palaeolimnology, environmental geochemistry, historical climatology, process geomorphology, coastal dynamics, coastal and marine spatial planning, sediment transport, risk management, natural and environmental hazards, and geographical information science (GIS).

The research cluster’s work is funded by national and international bodies, with graduate research as a core element. While students of the cluster’s MSc in Coastal and Marine Environments contribute directly to the research the primary goal of it is to prepare students for the work place, where informed decision in coastal and marine environments should be based upon appropriate scientific evidence.

We are proud of our multidisciplinary approach, its international outlook, and its extensive network of collaborations with private and government organizations, linked to a strong research tradition. Our members have many collaborative partnerships with active, interdisciplinary research clusters including, but not limited to, The Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit (PRU), International Network for Environment and Health (INEH), Marine, Environment and Energy research groups in the Ryan Institute, all located in NUI Galway, as well as many international research collaborations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Portugal, UK and USA. Our strategic intent is to become a leading research entity in Ireland and Europe and play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the NUIG’s international profile.






• The Development of a Predictive Decision Support Tool to Improve Farm Financial Management,Teagasc Walsh Fellowship (with Teagasc Athenry)

• Mainstreaming Controlled Traffic Techniques and Optimization of Movements (DEM-CTT/OptiMove) ICT-AGRI 2015 Enabling Precision Farming, European Union (with Teagasc Johnstown Castle).

• Sensing soil quality using optical sensing techniques in headland crop management. Teagasc Walsh Fellowship (with Teagasc Johnston Castle)

• Associations between geochemistry of London soils and socio-economic factors. RIA/RS International Exchange Cost Share Programme (with British Geological Survey)

• Development of a web-based, real-time digital nutrient management system based on agronomy modelling and GIS for land management practitioners - FarmEye, Commercialisation Fund Programme, Enterprise Ireland

• Coastal Flooding and Erosion: Post-Storm Recovery of Beach-Dune Systems in Ireland (The Maharees, Castlegregory, Co. Kerry). Funding: Office of Public Works. Principal Investigators: Dr. Eugene Farrell (NUIG, Geography), Dr. Kevin Lynch (NUIG, Geography)

• From Source-To-Sink: The response and recovery of coastal catchment ecosystems to large perturbations (Keel, Achill Island, Co.Mayo). Funding: EPA, Principal Investigators: Dr. Eugene Farrell (NUIG, Geography), Dr. Kevin Lynch (NUIG, Geography), Dr. Terry Morley (NUIG, Geography), Dr. Tiernan Henry (NUIG, Earth and Ocean Sciences), Dr. Mary Bourke (Trinity College Dublin), Dr. Jonathan Turner (University College Dublin), and Dr. Barry O'Dwyer (University College Cork).

• Application of innovative UAV-based (drone) & Earth Observation (ESA, Copernicus) remote sensing techniques to coastal dynamics. Morphodynamics of mäerl beaches. Millennium Fund, NUIG.

• Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Ireland - Meeting Water Framework Directive and Marine Strategy Framework Directive targets for Ireland’s transitional and coastal waters through implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Sustainable Water Network (SWAN), Ireland.

• I Like Beaches – A University community knowledge initiative (CKI) to promote civic engagement. EXPLORE programme, NUIG.



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