Planning & Sustainability Overview

The Planning and Sustainability Research Cluster unites interests that attach to the analysis, improvement and pedagogical transformation of problems arising within the context of an increasingly globalised world. Research is conducted at a host of scales and involves a wide range of actors and social structures and shares a focus on the transformative power of alternative visions. These latter may emerge in the context of resistance movements, urban and regional planning practices or in the formation of sustainable policies and lifestyles; as a result, analyses require a diverse range of methodological approaches. At the same time, thematic and theoretical work in the group remain anchored in a shared belief in the need to critically interrogate policies and representations that contribute to the persistence of non-sustainable social practices.

Hosted International Scholars

Recent international visiting researchers to the Planning and Sustainability Research Cluster include:

  • Mikel Gurrutxaga, San Vicente from Universidad del País Vasco (UPV-EHU) Summer 2012
  • Elisabeth Dütschke from Competence Center Energietechnologien und Energiesysteme Fraunhofer-Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung ISI Spring 2013
  • Trisia Farrelly, Massey University New Zealand, Winter 2016
  • Christoph Cludius, LMU Munich Germany, Summer 2017
  • Ruth Lane, Monash University, Melbourne Australia, Autumn 2017
  • Pasi Toivanen, University of Tampere, Finland, Winter 2017
  • Giulia Mininni, Kelle University, UK, Winter 2017
  • Elisabeth Süßbauer, Center for Technology and Society, TU Berlin, Germany, 2016-17
  • Charlotte Jenson, Aalborg University, Denmark , Winter 2017
  • Monica E. Mulrennan, Department of Geography, Planning and Environment (GPE) Concordia University Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Spring 2018
  • Erika Wolters, Oregon State University, USA, Summer 2018
  • Donna Lybecker, University of Idaho, USA, Summer 2018

We look forward to welcoming the following in 2018-19:

  • Elizabeth Walsh, San Jose State University USA 2018-19
  • Bronwyn Lazowski,University of Waterloo, Canada 2018-19
  • Rebecca Windemer, Cardiff University, Wales 2018-19