The Rural Studies Research Cluster includes researchers with interests in developing and extending the theoretical, conceptual and empirical boundaries of rural studies, with particular reference to their spatial dimensions. One of the principal themes underpinning such research is the nature of social, economic, political and cultural restructuring of rural areas under processes of globalization, and the understanding of rural localities as sites through which these and other influences are negotiated, contested and reproduced. This posits the rural as relational, with the attendant conceptual and practical challenges of reimagining and remaking rural place. In methodological and analytical terms, the context-specific nature of such change implies a diversity of approaches that can take account of issues of scale, location, interface and situatedness.


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The BuSK project

Funded by the Northern Peripheries and Arctic Program, the BuSK project is a consortium of eleven partners from seven countries/regions. The project aims to develop methods for collaborative planning that allow better governance for land use and natural resource management planning. It focuses on the reconciliation of various and often conflictual rural land and natural resource use modes such as forestry, reindeer herding, agriculture, mining, tourism and recreation, and aims to empower local rural stakeholders representing various economic, cultural and social backgrounds. It aims to develop planning tools that enhance the use of participatory techniques, and give assistance for decision makers concerning land use planning and natural resource governance. The results will increase the capacity of remote and sparsely populated communities for sustainable environmental management by involving all stakeholders in land use planning and natural resource decisions.
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RS Cluster_The IMAJINE consortium

The IMAJINE consortium comprises 16 participants from 13 countries, selected for their expertise in the research areas specified in the call, their specialist skills in qualitative and quantitative methods, and their regional knowledge of different parts of the EU. The combined expertise and technical skills of the consortium participants enables IMAJINE to comprehensively cover the wide-ranging brief of the call text, and to adopt a multi-disciplinary and mixed-method approach  that is required in order to meet the project’s aim of developing integrative policy mechanisms for tackling territorial inequalities
and promoting spatial justice.
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National Rural Network

The National Rural Network (NRN) is a component of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 (RDP) led by Irish Rural Link in partnership with The Wheel, NUI Galway and Philip Farrelly& Co.