Women and Traditional | Folk Music Research Symposium


Women and Traditional | Folk Music

WTFM Programme 

Recent social action movements, in Ireland and elsewhere, draw stark attention to the question of equality in areas of cultural production and the workplace. Responding to these initiatives, and in particular the work of FairPlé, which seeks gender balance in Irish traditional and folk music, this one-day research symposium provides a first-step opportunity to explore, challenge and respond to the focused theme of ‘Women and traditional | folk music.' Areas of discussion will include hierarchies and power dynamics in traditional and folk music; gender and instrumentation; FairPlé – responses, reactions, critiques; strategies of equal opportunity and diversity within traditional and folk music; disrupting/maintaining gender division; empirical research on participation in traditional and folk music; and gender equality in the production, promotion and dissemination of traditional and folk music.

‌ Symposium co-organisers

Dr Verena Commins (NUI Galway)
Dr Méabh Ní Fhuartháin (NUI Galway)
Dr Síle Denvir (DCU)
Dr Úna Monaghan (Cambridge)

Hosted by Comhrá Ceoil at the Centre for Irish Studies, NUI Galway, in conjunction with FairPlé.

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